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lookup field other then Name on custom object

Has anyone found a way to look up a field other then "Name" on a custom object?


Do you mean you want other fields to get displayed in the lookup window other than Name?


I'd love to be able to see E-mail, or first name, last name.  I can see those fields in the search bar on the side.


Can you please tell me how to enable this?

As far as I know, I think you can lookup only for Name and the other fields can only appear in the lookup window by adding those fields in object's search layouts->lookup dialogs. If you want to search by firstname, lastname or email, then I dont know. If you just want to see the fields in the lookup window modify the lookup dialog in search layout.

It doesn't fully make sense.  Since you can use the side search bar anywhere in the system and lookup any field on a custom object. 


You should be able to do this on a lookup field as the data is already indexed.



I would have loved to see this feature so that I can display the email instead. But there is no way for this as of now. I had a workaround, in which I created visualforce page with email addresses and a java script is wrtten when the email is selected the field is populated and page closes by itself. let mw know if you are interested to know the details.

I am evaluting force.com and honestly couldn't believe that doing something this simple would require workarounds.  But this as well as a few other seemingly simple use cases have me quickly building my ablity for suspension of disbelief.


At any rate, Wm, I am interested in the details so I can continue my evaluation and get a better grip on what it takes to build something functional.


Did you able to find out the solution...if so please advice.