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Is it possible to add some contacts in BCC on sending email page loading?

Hi All


Curently I send emails in contact detail page. After I click the button "Send An Email", the sending email page will be appearred, and the contact email will be added in BCC automatically.

I found the sending email page url was https://na6.salesforce.com/_ui/core/email/author/EmailAuthor?p2_lkid=0038000000nFrS0&rtype=003&retURL=%2F0038000000nFrS0

What's the meaning of the parameters in url? such as rtype, retURL.



I want to generate an url, which can add some contacts in BCC on page loading.


My solution is as below:

1. Create a custom button in contact view list. This button will get all the selected contacts and generate an url of sending email.

2. The button redirect to the url for sending email, the page for this url will add all selected contacts' emails in BCC automatically.


Is it possible to change the url parameters to implement this function?





Yes, you can do that, but I am not sure if passing those many ID's in the URL would be feasible!