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Report Not showing all records - says I need to export to see them all

I'm not sure why I can't get all the records to show up on this report.  The Report Generation status says

"Note: 2,000 of 2,199 records are displayed below. Select Export Details for a complete view of your data."


I've ran reports before though that have given me over 20k records. Does the criteria and filters I add to the report take away from the amount of records that would initially show.  Is there any way I could see all the records without having to export it every time? 


Thanks in advance!


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Hi ,


For performance reason Salesforce.com reports shows only the first 200 (two thousand) rows for a report.


You can apply filer for a specific renge.


I don't think there is any standard way through report where it will show more than 2000 records.



Dinesh Nasipuri