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Export and Import of Data

I want to export all of the data from one developer org and import it into a different org (both orgs contain identical custom objects).  I exported the data from Org 1 using Administration Setup->Data Management->Data Export, which gave me a ZIP file containing CSVs for each object.  Is there any way that I can import all of this data into Org 2 by simply pointing the org to the ZIP file?


I couldn't find a way to do this using the setup menu options in my org.  I couldn't even find a way to import the services file.  Will I be forced to use the Data Loader app?

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You need to user dataloader to perform the import for second org data. Record Id's will be diffrent for this org, so you need to remove record ID from the files which you have got by exporting your data from your first Org.





Thanks Amit.  I was hoping there would be a one-click export and one-click import into a clean org, rather needing to use Data Loader.