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Change salesforce url to our choice.



I need to change the url of an salesforce instance to anything of my choice.


Ex: https://cs7.salesforce.com/_ui/core/chatter/ui/ChatterPage (Change from)


      https://mycompany.force.com/_ui/core/chatter/ui/ChatterPage (Change to)


Is this possible? If yes how do we achieve this? If no, why cant we do this? 


NOTE: Will package this as a managed package.


I tried to changed the URL through sites. Even this didnt help me.


Pls suggest.



Neha G Patel 


See the my domains feature. 


Thank You Simon for your quick response.


I have another situation. We are using "Enterprise Edition" of salesforce. com. I searched through the documents provided by salesforce on "My Domain" It stated that it should be available for "Enterprise Edition" but it isn't. 


- How do i get the "My Domain" available for my instance.


Secondly, I tried it through my personal developer instance, the "My Doman" feature is available. I tried giving my own domain name. 

as "neha.force.com " and clicked on check availability. It threw me an error the domain name "neha.force.com" is invalid.


The second time I tried giving the following way: "neha-force-com" and clicked on check availability. It showed me available.


My question is: 1) Is dot character not supported for My Domain?

     2) If dot character is not supported & i need dots for my URL then how do i acheive it?

                            3) Or  does salesforce restrict it to hyphen only? 

                            4) If I have registred for the domain how long will it take to activate the URL?





Neha G Patel


It takes 24-72 hours to activate your domain name. And salesforce restricted the dot in the domain name. And the domain name appears as your-domain-name.salesforce.com (or) yourdomainname.salesforce.com.

Vipal Patel 0902Vipal Patel 0902
@Superfell Thank You for your answer !