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Trying to make the visualforce page editable and for record display using buttons?

I have a visualforce page which shows the fields from a custom object. Now I want that one of the field can be made editable

on the same page. So i used the <apex:OutputText>  to display the field and <apex:Inputfield> to display the variable for input.

I used buttons to make each of them visible at a time.

On click of edit button the Inputfield gets visible and on click of save the outputText gets visible.

But problem I am getting is, I am not able to update the record from this page.

The custom field is a picklist and we want that it can be modified on the same very page and gets displayed.

On the save button I am calling the method to upsert the value taken in Inputfield, but i think the record is not getting updated.

Please somebody help me in solving the issue. 

If you want to update the values of a picklist you will need to use the metadata API from you controller. The following blog post should get you started: http://blog.sforce.com/sforce/2008/12/using-the-metadata-api-to-retrieve-picklist-values.html