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customizing page layouts

I have a question regarding page layouts and how to combine items into one "page".  We have two custom objects (Projects & Assignments).  Currently, the Projects page has a section at the bottom which contains a list of all assignments that are related to the project.  An assignment for example would be a tech lead, or project manager, etc...


When the user clicks the "New Assignment" button, they are routed to a new page where they enter in the new assignment detail.


What we would like, is for this new assignment screen to be in the SAME page as the Project.  This way, they are not redirected to a different page, and can see the assignments they have already created.


Is this possible?




Todd Kruse



VisualForce is your best bet here as each object (project + assignment) needs a separate "controller", an apex class needed to communicate with the database. 


You might be able to get away with a simpler VF component (instead of a completely new page) which you could add to the Projects page.  That would simplify the coding & let you continue using the page layout editor to manage the Projects pages.