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Force.com site - URL masking



We have created a site using force.com (http://sosonlinebackup.force.com/reseller/Home). Though this is the original domain name we want this to be masked with the domain name www.usavars.com

That is, when a visitor types in www.usavars.com in the web browser it should show the contents of the URL http://sosonlinebackup.force.com/reseller/Home , however the browser should display http://www.usavars.com/home .





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You can mask your default site URL with your custom domain name. Simply create a CNAME alias via your 3rd party domain name registrar and point your custom domain name to your Force.com domain name and populate the Custom Web Address field with your custom domain name. You cannot do this for Developer Edition environments or Developer Sandboxes.



Also see this: http://forums.sforce.com/t5/Force-com-Sites/Has-anyone-had-any-experience-with-sites-and-CNAME/td-p/201951