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Sunny GSunny G 

How to send an Email alert to Custom Owner [user] field, based on another Custom field's value.



I have one custom owner field (i.e. a lookup to the user) . Where some user can manually select the owner of the record. I have another custom status field (i.e. a picklist field). Now, i want to send an email alert to the custom owner field, whenever the custom status fields gets updated.


please guide how can i achieve this functionality??




You can write a workflow for this one, all you need to do is write the condition as ischanged of the picklist value and send an email alert to the owner

Sunny GSunny G


I have a custom field in the custom object. That custom field is a lookup field that refers to the User fields.


On editing of a particular field I want an email should get fire to that custom object's field.


Although i have tried using Related Type as Related User. But its not firing email alerts.


Pls help