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Salesforce Content Questions

Salesforce Content looks like a great new feature for SF. The on-line help says that it is only available for Unlimited, Enterprise, and Professional editions. This implies a few things that I'd like to confirm:


1. Since Content is not available in a development org, does that mean we cannot develop applications using Content?

2. Does that mean we cannot include Content functionality at all in an AppExchange app?

3. Is there an API to access Content?

4. Where is Content stored? Is it in the SF database or "in the cloud" and, if it is in the cloud, can I access Content directly (via API) or do I have to go through the SF interface?

5. What limits are there on Content? The training slide said there were limits, but didn't define what they are.









I have these same questions. Can someone please point me in the right direction? I am finding NOTHING on how to use content outside of the UI salesforce provides. Is there a book or something?