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Are There Other Options Besides API for integration?


Does anyone know the integration options that might be available besides the api?  Specifically, if we move from an enterprise license to a professional license, are there tools/methods we could use to take the place of the standard api methods?  I have heard there are, but would like to check them over.


thanks for any direction.


There are integration options with Apex, but moving from EE to PE would result in you losing access to rolling your own Apex.  We do offer ways to use the API in PE - talk to your account manager about that.


Without the API or Apex you're going to be pretty limited in terms of integration.


you use this tool, hope this help

Apatar - Open Source Data Integration & ETL






Check out Informatica's Cloud Service, it's a cloud solution where you have no software on your end but rather dealing with easy drag n drop GUI's.



Let me know if you need more help.



Bankim Ghelani