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Pulling in date-updated data from a Drupal website or FTP

This is something we want to do 'for now' until we can get Salesforce completely integrated with our website.  We are a nonprofit with a 500 member alumni base, and all alums are supposed to have a page on our site with photo/bio/etc.


We just did a huge cleanup project to make sure all of our alums are in SF properly and now want to begin updating the website.  The problem is that we don't know in SF which alums have pages and when those pages were last updated.


We are willing to task an intern with the research of which alums have a webpage, but I wondered if anyone had a creative solution on how we could pull in the 'date last updated' data.


Any ideas?


Did you try creating a report in salesforce to extract this information?  How do you track that a alumni has a webpage or not ? Based on where you store this information , you can run a report on those object and extract the necessary information.

But you post heading that this information may be residing in Drupal , in that case probably the report or listing type of thing should be tried at that end. Depend how you have configured both the system's integration.

Hope this enables you to take a deccision, about your future course of action.