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How do I get rid of whitespace in my Home Page components?

I have two HTML Home Page Custom Components title Custom_Articles and Custom_News.


Here's the HTML for them:


 <iframe src="/apex/NewsPage?id=a1TW0000000EJAL" frameborder="0" height="50%" width="100%"></iframe>&nbsp;




<iframe src="/apex/Custom_Home" frameborder="0" height="50%" width="100%"></iframe>&nbsp;


This is what my Customer Portal Home Page layout looks like:


Home Page Layout


and this is what the Custom Components look like when I login to the Customer Portal:


home page


How do I get rid of all the white space at the bottom of the components that is below the component border? Thanks.


It might be a preset spacing.

Try to remove the height="50%" attribute from the iframe tags to see what happens.




So I removed the `height=50%` tag and added some CSS to change the background color of the components to match the background color of the portal. Now I have this:



How do I get rid off the space at the end of the Home Page Components? Also, as you can see the "Cases" component extends beyond the main page background. How do I extend the main page background so that it takes up the whole browser window?