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Modify the default layout for a related list

Hi all,


I have created a custom object "Tickets" that has an Account lookup field in it, as well as a custom URL field that holds a unique URL pointing to a trouble ticket in our internal ticketing system. I have also created a custom list button that opens our ticketing system and initiates the "new ticket" process.


When I edit the Account layout to add the Tickets related list, only the Ticket ID (autonumber) field is displayed in the related list by default. I have to edit the related list, remove this field and add in the custom URL field and also add in my custom button.


My question is: can I modify the default related list for this new custom object, so that whenever a user adds the related list to their layout, they do not have to manually change the fields/buttons within it?


Thanks for any pointers


Jim F.ax281Jim F.ax281

Unfortunately, I have the same problem, and would love to get an answer.  Have you figured this out yet?

Joshua KJoshua K

It's actually really easy.



  • Go to the tab that contains the related list.
  • Click on "Edit Layout"
  • Scroll down to the related list and click on the wrench icon above the related list.
That will allow you to edit the fields displayed.


Jim F.ax281Jim F.ax281

Yes, that's how you change it for a single related list on a single page layout, but the idea is to change it so that, if you drag that related list onto a different page layout, it has the columns/buttons showing by default that you want to show.  For organizations with a smorgasbord of page layouts (I've seen upwards of 30 opportunity page layouts with a single org), the ability to have a default layout would be very helpful.

Joshua KJoshua K

Ah, I understand.  "Default layout"  Right. Sorry for the confusion.

Logan VolkersLogan Volkers
It's been six years since this was originally asked. Has anyone found a solution to this problem?
Gail LassGail Lass
Not sure if you still need help, but if you are trying to do what I was trying to do, this is what I did:
double click on whichever "Label" you want to modify.  
Sunil PSunil P
By Modifying the Tab Layout you can set Default fields to be displayed on related list.
Goto Custom Object XXXX Detail Page
Search Layouts
XXXX Tab\Edit
Sascha LöfflerSascha Löffler
Thanks Sunil - if anyone else have this question just follow the instructions of Sunil
Karen WheelerKaren Wheeler
Thanks Sunil! Worked perfectly! Also let me remove a few stubborn buttons!