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update data in long text area field to rich text Area field



Am looking to update the data in the long text area field to a rich text Area field. Can someone please advise on how to include the new lines?


I had an object which holds two fields Long Text Area and Rich Text Area. Rich Text Area field is newly created. Now i would like to update the data from long Text Area field to a Rich Text Area field via data loader. But i am unsure on how to include the data in the new lines.


Please Advise



Try the following escape sequences for your purpose:-


Escape Sequences: All Strings in Apex use the same escape sequences as SOQL strings: \b (backspace), \t (tab), \n (line feed), \f (form feed), \r (carriage return),\" (double quote), \' (single quote), and \\ (backslash).   

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