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Customize Approval History Related List



Can anyone help me out with suggestions on how can i customize the approval history buttons.

I have a requirement where once the record has finished the stages of approval the submit for approval button should be disabled. Also how can i customize the Approve/Reject buttons.


Please Suggest

Sridhar BonagiriSridhar Bonagiri




As of now You cannot customize the buttons on Approval History Related list.


Sridhar Bonagiri


I there any other way to go about this requirement....using java script?????


To disable or making  the button in active approval process button you can do the following:


Create a field called Test(Number field) with the default value in it "0".

In the approval process entry criteria put this test field(Test__c) as one of the entry condition, example: (your exisiting entry criteria) && Test__c=0

When the record gets approved in the last step update the field "Test__c" with value as "1"(using the approval field update).


Now when the user clicks on the "Submit for Approval" button then a new page will come up stating "Approval process does not meet the entry criteria".


Hope this answers your question, if yes select this as the answer.


Well thank you @Santro652. This does solve half my problem. But still i need control on the Approve/Reject buttons 

Stephen SpragueStephen Sprague
You could use part of the solution in the following link and update the approve / reject actions in the class....