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Estimate how much time is spent in a record type

I have different record types and only if all conditions for example from the first record type are fulfilled, the user can go to the second record type. So I need to know how much time is spent in a record type.
Any ideas how to achieve this?


Create a workflow or apex code that changes the recordtypeId when the cratiria are met (meaning all the fields you whant are fulfilled), the same WF (or code ) will save the time the recordType was changed in a new field (let's say a field named "ConvertTime__c").
Using the out-of-the-box Created Date field and your new dateTime field you could calculate the time between these dates, plus this sulotion will provide you a report how of many records changed RecordType per day for monitoring and KPIs.

BTW- how to calc diff between two dates:

Thank you very much! I will check it.
For now I have date field and workflow for every record type and when the record type is changed, the date is saved in the date filed, and later I can use all this in formulas to estimate the difference and find the duration.