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Unable a see a record in report on Activities

The report is on activities.The report is filtered by custom date range.


I`m not able to view a task record on the report. The report has no filters.
The task has a completed date in the past. 
I can see the task when I look on Activity History on the Account.
I`m an admin in the organization . The Sharing setting on Activities is 'Controlled by Parent'
I even tried to query it from Developer Console. I couldn`t find the record.

If you see the record in the system (considering the fact that you are a Sys Admin), then it should appear in the report. You may want to double check the filters (it is showing only the Open Activities or both Open/Closed)

Also, if the record count coming in the report is high, then you need to export the report in order to view all the records that appear in the report. So you may want to explore exporting the report, depending upon the number of results that the report is returning.


Let me know if this works!


Thanks for the reply.


The filter is set to open and completed activities. The result set returned in the report is less than 2000 records. So I dont think the records are being pulled but not  being shown on the report. 


And one more thing is I have queried for a specific record that did not show up in report using soql in  dev console. But that does not seem to work either.


The record that is not  being shown up is related to an account through whatId.




Any help is much appreciated.