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Salesforce to salesforce



Anyone have any tips of salesforce to salesforce child record sharing, details below;



  • I have a connection to another org
  • We both share and publish lead and tasks
  • Both have the same fields mapped and published
Salesforce to salesforce is suppose to automatically share child records.  So if I have a lead (which I have shared) and add an activity it should show up in the other org.  But it does not, I have to manually forward the task as well.
Any advice would be welcome.






You need to publish the Task object from Source system and also accept from the target System.

After above changs, if you hit the Forward this Lead button from the External Sharing related list of Lead

you will find Forward existing related records related list there you can find Task(Open) and task(Close).

You can select and forward.





Just select the tasks when you forward the lead to other org, you shouldn't have any problem, let me know if you still have issues


Thanks for the replies.


And yes the functionality does work as per your notes.


I guess what I am looking for is after you have shared a lead you may create some tasks.


If you want to share them it seems you need to click on the task and forward it.


I was hoping for something more automated, after all the lead is shared why would newly created child records not automatically sync?


I know you can manually forward leads and tasks but what I would like is automatic sync or forwarding of tasks on a shared lead.






When you implement in real time you will not create any task after a lead is shared to other org, when you tranfer a lead to other org then it's their responsibility to take care of that lead and you would not do any kind of task on the transferred lead, but if you make any changes in the task which is already shared then it gets synced with other org, the shared record gets synced only if you make edit the record or any realted records but not if you create any new record