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Got any suggestions for new Cookbook recipes?

I'm crowdsourcing what our community would like to see for new recipes in updating our cookbook! What recipes would be helpful that you'd like to see written? Email me with specifics if you have ideas on what needs to be implemented!


How to integrate Content application API with force.com objects.

Kent ManningKent Manning
  • How to make outputField/inputField tags in visualforce recognize the RecordTypes used in Salesforce.  Currently visualforce tags are not record type aware.  This causes problems when you have picklist and multi-select picklist that display values specific to certain record types.


  • Second suggestion is how do you overwrite standard buttons/links on a page layout that is specific to a recordtype. 

    For example:


                Page Layout A  is associated with recordtype Customer

                Page Layout B is associated with recordtype Partner


               Now I want to override the edit button with my own visualforce page for page layout A but not for page layout B.  Is there any way to do this other than recreating the standard buttons?


  • Third request.  How to incorporate price books and product lists into a custom objects.  I have a custom object to track service on instruments.  I want to put the replacement parts in to a price book and then be able to look up the price of the replacement part by referencing the part number in the product catalog.  How to I do this and how do I create a select list to open different price books (i.e.., USA Dollar VS Euro or Volume Discount price book).