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Need to Exclude Opportunities from My Forecast



Our VP of Sales has asked that I exclude all renewal opportunities from our Forecast. I am not sure what the best way to approach this is and need some advice!  We currently differentiate the renewal opportunities by a "renewal" checkbox field I created in the opportunity.  The renewal opportunities move through the sales stages and Forecast categories the same as the new business opportunities.  Therefore, they are shwing up in the Forecast. Is there a way that I can exclude the "renewal" opportunities from the Forecast?  Is there a better way to set up this scenario in Salesforce.com.


I would greatly appreciate any advice and suggestions regarding this!





Using Customizable Forecasting, you have several choices:


1) Use products. Products can be split into families, and you can forecast on each family individually. This works great for differentating between old and new business, for example (especially in a Renewal/New Business model). Works like a charm, but it is an all-or-none scenario; you can't have just you live by these settings, as the entire organization is affected. Setup > App Setup > Forecasts > Forecast Settings.

2) Omit the renewal opportunities (Forecast Category). This will deflate your overall forecast accordingly, but then you won't be able to see them on any forecast at all. You'd have to run reports to see your renewal forecast. You'll need the Forecast Category field on the page layout, and editable, to use this override option.

3) Edit the forecast's overall values. You can manually edit the forecasts to show what the actual business is. That way, they still appear in the forecasts tab, but you can annotate each exception. Note that this is probably the most manual of the processes.


Other than that, why not set up some reports for your VP of Sales that they can run to get values that they want to see? You can build some informative reports, then give them some dashboards so they have pretty little charts for their data.


Not sure what else to suggest, but hopefully one of those points you in the right direction.

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How can you omit the Renewals?