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Restricting data access to custom objects based on department concept



I am making an application and I wanted to know how I can restrict access to custom object data based on the department concept. For example I have a custom object A and have got departments Human Resource, Accounts, IT etc. that the users are a part of. Now when the records of custom objects are being made I want to specify which department users can have access to it. Is there a way to implement this concept in salesforce.


Thank You 




It sounds like record types is the way to go for your requirement. You can assign respective record type to respective departments. Login to salesforce and search for record types in the help section.




If what you're trying to do is restrict access to custom object records based on a department, then you need to start by setting the Organization Wide Default for this custom object to "Private".  You will then need to create sharing rules for this object -- likely using the newly released Criteria Based Sharing -- to grant access to the custom object records that users can have access to.