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Product Schedule Date in Reports

We are having trouble understanding all of the dates associated with product/revenue scheduling.


It's my understanding that if a revenue schedule is established, then the "schedule date" in reports is the date for revenue schedule. If no revenue schedule exists then, the product schedule date is used. If product schedule is set up, then the schedule date in a report will be the date established in the scheduling process. If there is no scheduling, then the date that appears in the schedule date for reports is the Opportunity Close Date.


We have been using a report for forecasting for quite some time and it has always pulled the correct dates. Suddenly, the reports have been pulling the Opportunity Close Dates despite the existence of an established schedule.


Does anyone have any suggestions on why this could be happening? Is there some setting I could have changed that would upset this functionality? (In forecasting settings, the forecast date is set to Schedule Date)


I would greatly appreciate any suggestions! Thanks!