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How to prevent queue member editting case in queue?

Hi guys, is there any way to set rules to disallow the queue members editting the case in queue? We want the queue member accept the case first, then allow them to do edit. I came up with idea to create a new record type for the case in queue and assign them a read-only page layout. However, currently we have other record types in use for some other purpose. Are there any other idears? Thanks in advance!:):)



the easiest way out will be to use a trigger:-

  • So whenever someone tries to edit a case through code check if it assigned to a user or is in queue , if in queue disallow editing by using the object.AddError() functionality
  • Also as one edits you can also check if the person editing is the ower of the case or not , if he is owner allow the edit.
  • Aletrnatively you can also try a validation rule which checks if any values is changes and owner of case is not a user fire the validation rule

Hope this helps...