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how to do Email to case

Pls provide me the steps to do this

Murali KrishnaMurali Krishna

hi dude,


go thru this link which explains step by step procedure,hope it will help




Thanks for the link. How to send {!Case.Thread_ID} value through email template.


Am not able to find this field in case object. How to get this field in case object.


After submitting case any thing not existing proper want to send email template in that want to  mention that {!Case.Thread_ID} value.


Is this a field in the case object? 


After submitting case If any details are not entered properly want to send email to user to fill the details.


But dont want to create new case for the existing case only want to update the values. For that i read some where have to use Case thread id . how to use that to achieve functionality pls help me on this.