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Amazon S3 photo upload - with photo approval

I successfully integrated the Amazon toolkit.


  1. staff can login into salesforce to upload a photo to amazon and create a salesforce S3 Object record too. The S3 Object record allows me to connect the S3 Object to the external users' accounts in salesforce.
  2. My external force site users can upload their photo as well, no record created, just a file lands in a S3 bucket.

I am trying to decide between the 2 options.


If I use option 1, how should I get the photos from external users to my staff to perform the upload and approval? Email is possible, but kinda crude??


If I use option 2, I need a way to approve or disapprove the photo before it becomes public?


I guess the biggest issue is properly tying the photo back to the record if I let external users upload photos. Also, Should I just download the images from the bucket and let staff re-upload into salesforce?


Hi Michael, 



See the documentation below,












I already integrated properly, so re-reading the documentation will not help.

Ashish  VermaAshish Verma
@Ashish_SFDC I am trying to render the images (file contents in the bucket) on my visualforce page using getObject() method. Is it the correct way am going as I have got the web callout response but still not able to render the image properly?

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