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Rich Text Area Field not available through Informatica


I'm trying to insert image of size of a thumbnail in Rich text area field in SFDC using Informatica but to my surprise I could not find the field in Informatica. I used 16.0 api in Informatica to import the object. IF I try using a higher api it does not fetch the objects in Informatica.


Please let me know how should I migrate the images in RTF field using Informatica?


Also, on looking at the content of the RTF field in debug log it seems that the image is not stored in field but in some other location & is just referenced in RTF. The data stored in the field is like:

<img src="https://c.<servername e.g. na6>.content.force.com/servlet/rtaImage?eid=<recordID to which image needs to be linked>&refid=0EMXXXXXXXXXXXXX&feoid=<RTF field ID>"></img>

I tried finding out the object label whose keyprefix is 0EM but I couldnt..is it a standard object & if so, which one? Can I load image directly in that standard object & then link to my record's RTF field??