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That "stealer" search

Just want to let off my annoyance with that stealer search at the upper right of the page :D


Whenver I would try to search the forum, and started typing in the search box, the other search box steals the focus!


Same thing happens when you type in the subject line or in message tags line.


It's in IE8. not sure with other browsers.


(I don't know in what section to post this, so I just put in "General Development" section. mods please feel free to move if needed)


//rant off

Jia HuJia Hu
My IE8 is fine.
BTW, you can open a case and ask for the Salesforce support.

i tried it in IE9 and Firefox 12 in windows 7, search box does not steal focus.


but Firefox 12 and IE8 in Windows XP, steals focus.

Jia HuJia Hu
It happened once and twice, not a regular one, you better confirm this with Salesforce support.

Never had that happen. Sounds like either an add-on or an option for your browser.