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Territory Management



I'm working on Territory management and wanted to separate accounts based on zip codes. I have few questions.


1) Where should I go to write my Account Assignment rules?


2) I have the territories and zipcodes in a csv file.


How should I implement this?






Once you create a territory, you will be able to write logic inside that territory to capture accounts.


Personally I was not able to find a way to do this from a CSV file and had to manually create them, I expect that is the only way.







Thank for your response.


But What should I do if I have 42,000 Zipcodes???? N in Assignment rule we cant mention more than 15 rules???


So doing it manually is out of question.


Within your filter logic you would write something like this.


1    ZIP equals 12345,12346,12347,12348

2    ZIP equals  23458,23468,23478,23488

3    ZIP equals  34567,34568,34569,34570


Filter Logic (1 OR 2 OR 3)


Using the method above should get you a few hundred zips into a territory using just one assignment rule.




Omg seriously????


What will I do with 42,000 Zip codes??? Enter Manually??? 


Thats the only way I can see it happening, since you have to create the territory and then actually assign the rules to the territory.


I do not know how you can import these, or if it is possible (Which I doubt).


How many territories will you have?


I have hundreds, but we break them out by state/country/product lines (Thank God)


Hopefully someone out there knows of a way.