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How to render a VisualForce page without hyperlinks?

Hi ,


How to render a VF page without hyperlinks.....

If using <apex:detail> tag i am rendering a page, it displays all sections...but alongwith [Change],[View Hierarchy] links. Is it possible to remove the links and render the page..


Is it possible to render all sections excluding System Information and Custom Links dynamically.


Please suggest.


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Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but can try the following:



1. For System Information section, remove all it's fields from the page layout and the section will disappear


2. For links like [Change] for Owner, [VIew Hierarchy] for Account Name, etc...remove those fields from the page layout, create corresponding formula fields (which will be read only) and use them instead to display on the page layout.


Do confirm if this solves it or provide more details.





Thank you for the response Metaforce..


But i should hav given more details previously. The details are as follows.


I need to display a VF page on click of a custom link which will be a replica of an Account Detail page including the detail section and some related lists.


I cannot change the page layout.


I have accomplished almost all of it but i need to remove the hyperlinks like [Change],[VIew Hierarchy] using either visualforce and/or javascript...


I used smthing like




to remove buttons , is there anything similar to this to handel links.





                In the wehn you dont weant top display those contents, don't use apex:detail.. Bring in all the fields you want to display in the VF and do rendering.


Hope this works for you.


All the best.

Ankit AroraAnkit Arora

In your case you need to create your own visualforce page if you want to hide those links.



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