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I have an student application where  the application object has an admission documents as related list.Student sends an email to recommending teacher for recommendation letter.I have done till here.But the problem is the teacher sends the document by any means and I need to get the document attached in the admission documents .How can get the document attached in that particular student record...facing really tough situation to solve this ...I appreciate if any one can help in solving this ...


thank you



Do you mean that if the teacher sends an email from anywhere that is even from a system outside the salesforce application, then too the email of recommendation or document sent by the teacher should be attached to the student record.

I think salesforce cannot track the emails or documents sent from outside the system.

Though there a may be a workaround by using the email to case facility, you can ask teacher to mark a copy to support@domain_name.com , which in case web to case feature is enable , then a case will be recorded in your salesforceorg.

After this you may have a synchronize documents button on whose click you read all the cases created and may from subject line say has the student name you can add a document to the respective student record.

Did this answer your question? If not, let me know what didn't work, or if so, please mark it solved.


You might want to check out Email Services under Develop.