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Deepak PansariDeepak Pansari 

ip restriction help

Hi All,


I have ip rescrition issue. My ip address is 112.111.X.Y , Every time value of X and Y has changed and i need to daily enter IP in SFDC.


Does any know any solution for this , i tried this also to , but it not working.





Look into using security Tokens for your security instead of doing it through the IP exemptions.

Deepak PansariDeepak Pansari

Thanks for reply , but this solution i already know.


I wanted to know the issue in my mentioed ip.




Hi Deepak, Have you tried with the Network Access settings under Security Controls. It may solve your problem.
Deepak PansariDeepak Pansari

Hey Amit, 


I tried every thing but still can not be able to access, 


Steps i have taken


Security Controls --> Network access --> trusted ip range.




have you tried with this range to




i am just going through this thread and interested to know whether your problem has been resolved or not.


i am doing the same like you did... i changed X, Y to 255 , 255 and entereed the range into my profile. i have no problem.  everytime my IP address changes though...


if you still face any issue, let me know or you keep an xl sheet to track all your IP addresses everytime you reconnect to your ISP.  this way you can identify what exactly the pattern of your IP.