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Sandbox Refresh.

I just woke up to a rude shock of my sandbox refreshed.So far,no user who are System admin admit responsibility.Can the sandbox refresh it self automatically or is there a way i can track the user who refreshed it?




Sandbox cant get refreshed automatically. U can track the person who refreshed it .

Administration Setup->Data Management-> Sandbox -> Show Sandbox Refreshes

There u can find the person.






Thanks for your reply.After further research,i just realized that salesforce instance CS3 has problems since yesterday(23rd Aug. 2011) and my sandbox has this instance.

Now am not sure why they had to refresh my sandbox since the only option availabe under sandbox option in production environment is the 'Activate' link.

Too bad i had already clicked Activate before noticing this problem.Now am not sure if they will still refresh my sandbox thus loosing my entire data & configurations in sandbox.If so,then this is so inconviniecing and very unfortunate from salesforce side.

Ankit AroraAnkit Arora

Yes, cs3 is having some problem and we are also not able to do anything from last 2 days. I would suggest you to log a case to save your data. Hope you will get a positive response from that side.




Ankit Arora

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I did that Ankit,but its sad its been three days of not working!