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Roll up Opportunity Products by Family

My client would like an Opportunity to show Amount of all Products listed on the opportunity (which is currently does). They also would like two Custom Fields (Roll Up i presume) that show Amount - Recurring and Amount - Nonrecurring. 

Amount = $1000

Amount Recurring = $250

Amount Non-recurring =$750


I have two Product Families 1. Recurring and 2. Non-recurring so I could use these as filters (if I knew how)


Could someone help me determine the best way to accomplish this? I've tried creating two fields using the Roll Up type, but I see no way to filter by Product Family.



I don't believe the Product Family would be exposed through the standard roll up functionality.  You would need to create a trigger to accomplish this.  The interaction between the Opportunity Line Item (Opportunity Product) and the Opportunity gets to be a bit tricky as far as when one updates the other, so you will probably want an "after" trigger.





Thank you. I was affraid of that... I haven't worked with Triggers, but will dig in to see how that might work. I may be going about this all wrong, so anyone else who has suggestions on how to segment the products for recurring and non-recurring on a field that can be used to filter the sum of products on an opportunity, I'm all ears....


I also have each product set to Schedule and maybe there is a way to get to the Schedule Frequency = Monthly or something like that...


Thanks again. Off to read about triggers.