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Does salesforce have any URL override parameters?

Hi all,


So I'm trying to link to an anchor tag in a salesforce URL (#bookmark).  When the page loads, it first jumps down to the field with the ID of the bookmark, but then the second the page finishes loading, it snaps back up to the top.  When I tried researching this a little in Google, I came to realize that this seems to be something common in salesforce, where people on slow connections will even start browsing the record and once the page finishes loading, it snaps them back up to the top and they loose their place.


1) Does anyone know of an override parameter that I can add to the URL ("&snapping=0" or something like that) to turn this snapping function off?


2) Does anyone know how I can setFocus on a field using a URL parameter?


3) Does anyone know of a standard list of URL override paremeters and functions that are used by salesforce?





1) If so, I've never heard of it.


2) You can't really interfere with the snapping or specifying a field to focus on.


3) These are the ones that I've found useful in some capacity; there are likely others out there, but these are all completely undocumented and subject to change at any time (so you shouldn't use them without the understanding that your code may break later).


Page Rendering:


isdtp=mn Display a detail or edit page in Console mode (smaller font, no tabs or headers, etc).

isdtp=lt Display a list or tab view in Console mode (smaller font, no headers, etc).

isdtp=mo Display a mini layout in Console mode.

nooverride=1 Ignore a button override.


Edit page parameters:


clone=1 Specify on an edit page to create a copy of the record. Usually works even on entities that do not have a Clone button.

save=(any value) Automatically attempt to save (only valid on pages that have a save button).

cancel=(any value) Automatically go to retURL, or /home/home.jsp if blank.

retURL=(url) Page to return to if the user presses cancel.


Login page parameters:


startURL=(url) Page to start on (valid on frontdoor.jsp with a valid session token, or on the login page).

un=(username) The username to start with.

pw=(password) The password to use.


List Views:


rowsperpage=(number) On a list view, set the new rows per page for that user's view of the specified list (will be saved in their user preferences). Legal values should be a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 200 (if memory serves me correctly).

lsi=(non-zero number whose absolute value is less than or equal to number of columns in list view). Change the sort order of a list. A negative value indicates that the sort is decending.

lsc=(-1 to 26) Specify a filter on the field indicated by lsi to restrict the list to All (-1), A (0), B (1) ... or Other (26). Is probably different in different languages, I'm using American English.




csv=1 Specify a report should be exported as a CSV file.

excel=1 Specify a report should be exported as a XML-based XLS file.


There's a ton of parameters that are in use, but I believe these are the most common (I've used most of these at some point).


Edit: Forgot #2.


WOAH, sfdcfox, YOU ROCK!  The precise one I needed wasn't in there, but several others that I had been led to believe at one time or another "didn't exist", WERE in there! haha, thanks man!  Much appreciated! 


very useful!