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updating account fields based on contact fields?


I am having trouble creating a solution for this request.


I am looking to update specific account fields (text, picklist, url fields) based on the originating fields inside the contact. In this many-to-one situation, I need to pull the most recently updated field out of the contacts group and the oldest field out of the same group and bring it into the account. 



Account and Contact Field: Most_recent_visit__c

Contact 1 = Most recent visit = 11/11/09 so the account would need to be updated to that. 


Contact 2 comes in and his most recent visit was 11/15/09, now I would need the Account field to be updated to 11/15/09.


All help is appreciated. 


This also would need to apply to fields like a text field or a picklist


I would think a trigger on contact update would take care of it.


Documentation on trigger is good and should explain how to do all of it.