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Customer Portal - how to use a custom URL?

I have a customer portal that uses a web address like for sign-in and similar URLs for inner pages: 


How do I configure it so it looks like this:


I saw an Ideas entry where many people asked for this, and it was marked as Existing Feature, but I can't find any mention in the help, or the forums on how to implement this.



I'd really appreciate some help with this if anyone can offer any tips.


Best solution I can see is to use a frame, which is a pretty horrific workaround.


Can you point me to the idea? I've been searching and can't find it.

To do this, you will need to use Sites.


Ryan, what do you mean? Are you confirming that it's impossible to use custom URLs on CP pages?



You can use Sites in two different ways:


- Anonymous access (guest user, no login)


- Customer Portal



It sounds like you want to use the second option. Sites integrates with customer portal (there is a login settings button on the site setup page to associate a Site with a Portal).


Doing this, you can make your customer portal.


I think you've misunderstood Ryan. I'm wedded to the Customer Portal, we're using it. I'm looking for a way to continue to use it, but use URLs on our own domain.


I understand how Sites works, and we are using it, but once someone navigates to a Customer Portal page, the URL jumps to one containing a Salesforce hostname - it is this behaviour we want to change. We're running our own business, we don't want customers seeing Salesforce URLs - it looks unprofessional and dilutes our branding.



Would it work if you had the login page on, did a HTTPS POST to, and then were redirected back to (your customer portal hosted on Sites)?


If so, you could use the Require Non-Secure Connections (HTTP) checkbox on the site login settings page.


Our login page is on our own site, when someone signs in, they are then redirected to the CP, on a Salesforce URL. I'm not sure what you mean by "your customer portal hosted on Sites"



I found this post from performing a search and I think I was looking to do the same thing...


This article provides all the info you would need to setup sites as an entry point to your customer portal

Let me know if these instructions works for you guys. It took me about 10 minutes to get everything setup, with a custom URL: . The problem is when I try to login with one of our portal portal user credentials I get an error. 

"Your user profile is not associated with this service. Contact your site administrator for more information."

I know something is messed up because when I clicked "forgot password" and type in my email, I get the error: 

"Your username was not found". 

I am pretty sure I caught all of the gotchas as illustrated in the article where the site authentication is pointing at my customer portal and login is enabled, so I am hoping someone has seen these symptoms before and can lead me to success. We have been using the customer portal for about 6 months now so I know the customer portal portion is also setup correct. We are not using public registration so that simplifies the troubleshooting. Do I need to manually point the sites login page to reference portal user accounts within the controllers? 



Marty Y. ChangMarty Y. Chang

Goodiesd wrote:

"Your user profile is not associated with this service. Contact your site administrator for more information."

I encountered the same error in my Developer org.  After about an hour of frustration, I finally figured out that the problem, at least in my case, was that the portal user's Profile was not assigned to my Customer Portal.


To fix this, I did the following:

  1. Open Setup.
  2. Expand Customer Portal on the left navigation tree, then click Settings.
  3. In the Assigned Profiles list, click Edit Profiles.
  4. Assign the necessary profiles to the portal.