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Can we customize the Lead conversion process?



      The Standard Lead conversion process is that, converting a lead to Account,Contact and Opportunity. So, we want to customize this conversion process instead of creating the Account and Contact directly.


       We are using two custom objects for our custom portal. So, in Lead conversion process, From Lead -> converted to Partner Contact -> Contact.


      Partner and Partner Contact are the custom objects user for the standard objects of Account and Contact Objects.


     Instead of creating a contact from Lead, can we customize that process as like below.


      Lead -> Partner Contact(Custom Object) -> Contact(Standard Object).


      There is a trigger on custom object, when a record is created in Partner Contact Object, autoamatically, same record will be create in Contact Object.


      So, if there is any possible ways to customize the lead conversion process. Please let me know and help me in this scenario.


      Thanks in advance..............





ys u can override the existing functionality using Apex...




       Thanks for reply. Could you please explain briefly, how can we do that.




Blue LionBlue Lion

Remove the existing standard button 'Convert' from the layout and place a new custom Button named 'Convert to Partner Contact'  and write apex class which should be called using Java script from the custom buttons and links option.


However all the Inserts(Conversions) to the objects(Partner contact..etc) with criteria should be handeled in the Apex class - which should be Global Class and Webservices methods.


Please let me know if anything requires.





Andy BoettcherAndy Boettcher

I just laid down a bunch of code in another post on doing just this.  For your purposes, you'd have to tweak it a little, but the general idea is sound.