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How to create a recurring event on more than one user's personal calendar from a public calendar.



We have a requirement where we need to create a event on personal calendar  of all the users belonging to particular group when an event is created on master calendar(public calendar). the issue here is with recurring events.


When a recurring event is created, all the recurrences are created first then the recurring series will be created.hence the recurring series event Id is not generated till the recurring child events are not created in the system, hence we have used a future class from where we fetching the recurring event Id. But again the problem is, we are able to create clone of recurring event once, if there is a requirement to create recurring event from master calendar on 100 users personal calendar, code wont support bulk creation of recurring events and it will hit governor limit. We tried to run a batch job with batch size of 1, but again we can run 5 batches at a time. If there are 1000 events to create then it is going to be a problem again.


We suggested a solution where we can post the event details on group page when an event is created, but the client wants it to be on users personal calendar.


 can we maintain a different custom object where we can store event details and  create a simple home page component where user can see all the events occurring for a particular period. I am not getting enuf ideas to work on this.


Please reply if anybody having any idea on how to design a solution for this requirement.