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Create new view - Filter question

Hi All,


I'm wondering whether this is possible at all.


We have a requirement to filter a view to show the accounts owned by a depot.  We have a custom field in accounts called depot
_number and a similar field in user records.  In the example I'm refering to, I've got circa 200 accounts with the depot number 51 and 4 users (all together in a public group) with the depot number of 51.  All the accounts are owned by one of the 4 users.


What I want to do is create a view with a dynamic filter to say something like "Where Account Depot Number = User Depot Number"


I may be trying to do something which is completely impossible, but being able to do something like that would mean that I only need to create 1 view instead of about 150!


Any pointers from anyone would be most welcome.






the filter in list views to not allow dynamic criteria. I think even with reports that is going to difficult.


Maybe a VF page with a custom controller which figures out the User Depot Number and then redirects to the Report URL with an appended



The first filter on the report would have to be Account Depot Number  equals and then empty criteria field


Why not a summary report grouped by the Depot Number and the users select their number, click on drill down and then on Show details?