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deep meaning of sObject

What is sObject .....can anyone give deep meaning of it 


sObject is a generic representation of any object in Salesforce. For eg: Account, Contact, MyCustomObject__c, Test__c etc are sObjects.

Infact we can consider sObject to be the abstract parent class of any object in salesforce. Account, Contact, MyCustomObject__c are the child objects the sObject.


Hence, we the following lines of code are true.


Account a = new Account();

sObject s = new Account();

sObject s1= new Contact();


Here a instance of account or contact can be stored in sObject as it is the parent.


Hope this helps.



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sObjects includes all the Standard and Custom objects in your organization.

you can instantiate sObject with any of your object in your org.

sObject sobj = new Account();

sObject sobj = new Custom__c();




The term sObject refers to any object that can be stored in the Force.com platform database.


The new operator still requires a concrete sObject type, so all instances are specific sObjects. For example:

sObject s = new Account();

You can also use casting between the generic sObject type and the specific sObject type. For example:

Account a = (Account)s;

Because sObjects work like objects, you can also have the following:

Object obj = s;
a = (Account)obj;

DML operations work on variables declared as the generic sObject data type as well as with regular sObjects.


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