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Unable to access SETUP menu from the Internet explorer

Hi Friends,


we are experiencing a weird issue from today morning. When we click on the SETUP menu (By clicking on the Name and selecting setup option below My Profile from the dropdown). Its redirecting us back to the login page within a few seconds.


This is a standard salesforce screen. From other browsers e.g. crome, firefox we are able to access the SETUP page.


Also, we are accessing the sandbox and the page its redirecting us is : https://login.salesforce.com/?ec=302&startURL=%2Fsetup%2Fsecur%2FRemoteAccessAuthorizationPage.apexp......................


Anyone else experiencing this issue? We use IE7





Hey Rahul,


I checked inhouse but couldn't spot any reports as such on IE7, is this happening on all/other accounts in your ORG/Sandbox? Can you also try on any other machines and let me know the result.



Hi Sonam,

Thanks for your reply
This is happening in IE7 only, we tried it on different systems.
Its working finr in crome, IE8 and firefox.
also, this is happening in Sandbox (CS13) .
It might be related to our n/w policies but dont know the exact reason.
We experienced similar issue in PROD few days back, few users were not able to login to prod. We have opened a CASE with SFDC for that and sfdc team is working on it.