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Solutions related list on Case Object

I'm having an issue with a very tricky custom URL – I want to create a custom list button on the Solution related list in the Case object that allows the user to create a new solution, then associate that solution with the present case and return to the case record.


So far I have:



I think my issue is that the solution ID is not created yet when I hit the button and thus the system does not know how to associate my new solution to the case… any suggestions on getting this to work?


Looking at the URL , I dont thnk this works like this. When we go through the standard process and select a solution for a case, the "a_case_soln" parameter is generated using the new solution id created. 


 I think for your requirement , you have to overrise the New Solution Page with a visualforce Page , save the solution and then create the CaseSolution junction record in the same controller.