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OnDemand Email To Existing Case


We are just testing out OnDemand Email to Case and it works great, what is the format to send an email into an existing case.  I would expect something like Case#: 1234355 and not the guid used to uniquely identifies the case.  The customer service rep will be on the phone with the end client and give them the case # and put it in the body or the subject.  I cannot find it in the documentation for the ondemand with how to format the email.


Please tell me this exists seems silly that it wouldn't.

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Both On Demand Email to Case and the normal Email to Case funtionality relies on Thread Id to maintain the thread of an email. The Thread Id can either be in the subject line, body or both and Salesforce will automatically associate the email to an existing Case. The Case Number is not used as part of any automated process for associating an email to a Case.

Here's a formula (text) field that will display the Thread Id on a page layout -- but it's not something that would be easily provided during a phone call. A better option would be to send the caller an email from the Case so they can respond to it. There is a merge field on the Case object, {!Case.Thread_Id} that you can use for this purpose. You can also turn on the option (in Case setup) so that all email sent from Salesforce for Cases automatically includes the Thread Id.


"ref:00D"&MID(Id,4,1)&RIGHT($Organization.Id, 4) &"."& LEFT(Id,4)&RIGHT(Id,5) &":ref"

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According to the help:


"On-Demand Email-to-Case enables your organization to automatically create cases from email without having you download and install the Email-to-Case agent behind your network's firewall. Simply configure your email system to forward case submission emails to the Email Services Address provided to you by salesforce.com."



How and at what point is that address provided?

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Anyone know the answer to this?

You have to enter the email address (i.e., support@mycompany.com) customers will use as a new Routing Address. When you enter the email address, Salesforce will generate the unique on-demand email address. You then have to redirect email sent to your email address to the Salesforce generated on-demand email address.
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Nice one, thanks! :)