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Help viewing SFDC Document objects using Adobe FLEX

I am trying to build a website using FLEX with Sites.  For development purposes I am pulling the salesforce object data into flex by creating an XML webservice with VF and exposing it with Sites. See http://www.insideria.com/2009/08/flex-forcecom-creating-a-publi.html for details.



The goal is to make the website content dynamic, i.e., when a new product is added to SFDC it is also added to the website.  I have this functionality figured out and the next step is to also make the product documentation (datasheets, product manuals, application notes) dynamic as well, so when a new product is added all of the documentation is also available on the website.


I don't know what the "right" way to go about this is.  I'd like to use the SFDC document object, but I don't think I can add any custom fields to associate specific documents with products. 


I tried a custom object, but I'm unable to use a look-up field to select documents from my Documents tab.


Any suggestions/tips will be most appreciated.