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Refresh Sandbox once Data Storage Limits Exceeded: Catch 22 Situation

My production instance exceeded my data storage limits, but since I never received any notifications this went unnoticed until I refreshed my FULL sandbox. This full sandbox was unusable because I kept getting the "Data Storage Limit Exceeded" exception.


I've since deleted objects from Production to bring the total storage in compliance with limits, but I CANNOT refresh my sandbox for another 29 days! Thus, my full sandbox sits useless, cause it still reflects a data storage limit exceeded state.


What's the resolution? Wait patiently for 29 days before I can get to use my full sandbox again? Thanks.




If you can't afford to wait the 29 days (and you probably can't), I suggest you contact Salesforce.com Customer Support.  Explain what happened and ask for a temporary exception to the 30-day refresh window so you can refresh the Sandbox again and be able to use it. 


Alternatively, could you clear out data from the Sandbox the same way you did in Production?


Wish I could! Alas, the purging of the production was a selective, tedious affair. Would be non-trivial to precisely reproduce on the 2nd instance.


I wonder why SFDC did not FAIL on the refresh attempt itself, instead of proceeding and leaving me in limbo!


I think Salesforce.com Customer Support then will be your best option.

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