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How do I auto fill a search field from the product related list


I am  trying to create a custom button to auto fill those so the user does not have to.  Specifcally I want to load 'Record Type' as the search field and then populate the text field so they can just hit search.


If I am not mistaken it title is "Field 5" but it is not working quite like what I am familiar with....


Do I have the field name correct?  I may not be formatting the URL correctly, but I am not an expert on those .


thanks, for any help.....


I am not very sure what you are trying to do, are just trying to open the salesforce standard/advanced search via your custom buttom or you are tring to calll your own custom search page for this.


Let me show you how parameters should be mentioned, for example lets consider the standard search of salesforce, there if want to prepopulate the text box under the object drop-down, youneed to set the "sbstr" parameter to the string which you want to search. Say you want to search all records which are named with "test" then you will use the following URL:-


The search parameter decides if gthe search is global or specific of a single object - when search=search then it means search is global.

The type of object is specified by the parameter "sen"

sen=500 for opportunity and sen=00T for task





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