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Number of Certifications

Wasn't sure what board to ask this question on... but is there somewhere that we can go that tells how many people have passed each of the certification exams?  I just passed the Advanced Developer and I'm curious as to the number.


Hi Damien,


Congrats on passing .... 


How was the level of questions on this? ...





Very difficult.  I know of many very experienced developers who have taken the test and failed.  They get very particular/obscure/tricky in many of the questions.

Marvin BonifacioMarvin Bonifacio

Where you able to complete the programming assignment already? Hope to get some tips & tricks. :)


Not yet, after passing the exam there is a 3+ month wait :(

Marvin BonifacioMarvin Bonifacio

I can totally relate with the frustration. After coming out alive from that exam, we have to wait a couple more months before we can call ourselves true advanced developers. We're in limbo right now. :catindifferent:


That is, if we pass the programming assignment, haha! :) Hope we could crack it!