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Storing email communications at Lead/Opportunity Object

Has anyone stored / handled / send replies email communications on Lead and Opportunity Object? (mainly replies, back and forth communications with customers)

I want to send emails from within Salesforce, store customer response at Opportunity/Lead record and send reply to customer response from within Salesforce.

Any insight would be helpful!


See the below approach.

Create a button on Lead and Opportunity say Send Email.


On click of it, you can execute a java script function, which inturn calls a web service.

This web service will send the email to the customer with necessary details.

While sending the email, you need to comeup with a certain format of the subject line ... like

<Opp Name> - <Opp Id>

And the from address should be an email address configured to process via the inbound email service

And you need to put an instruction in the email saying that the customer needs to reply to the original email without changing the subject line and from address.


Now when the customer replies, you can catch the email via the inbound email address and process it.

You can get the opp id from the subject line and you can log the content of the email as an activity.