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Is it possible to have single sign on between a Salesforce Org and a Customer Portal?

We use Salesforce internally and we have developed a Customer Portal. All of our clients use our application developed on the Salesforce platform and they have their own Orgs. I was wondering if there was a way to provide single sign on to our Customer Portal once the client logs into their Salesforce Org.


Here is my scenario:

  1. We enable the Customer Portal User, for a Contact, in our internal Salesforce Org.
  2. The client logs into their own Salesforce Org with their own login credentials.
  3. We develop an "app", such as a tab, that can be installed in the client's Org.
  4. This "app" will provide single sign on to our Customer Portal.

Basically, once they login to their own Salesforce Org, they would have access to our Customer Portal without logging in again. This allows our clients to create Cases, Ideas, etcm through an application in their own Salesforce Org.